Tuesday, March 6, 2012

New Style!

Well, I chopped off all my hair! The hubby isn't too impressed, although he saw it just after it was cut and you know men they can't picture anything. I think once it's styled he'll have a different opinion...I hope so anyway. I bought this kit from the store that dyes and highlights your hair. I dye my hair quite often because believe it or not I have grays! I haven't highlighted my hair in years so we shall see what happens. I'll post a picture once it's all done (if it looks good anyway!).

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Poor Baby Girl!

Well, last night was another rough night. Our little girl went from having diarrhea to being constipated. She kept screaming and we couldn't figure out what was wrong well finally it dawned onto us she hadn't gone to the bathroom in a day or so. My hubby went ahead to the store and bought several things we thought might help. One was bound to work! Well, after trying a couple of them she finally went and after that was fine and herself again. After he left she continued screaming. She LOVES music, singing and dancing. So, I started singing to her 'Jesus Love Me', 'Go Tell It On The Mountain', 'Jesus Loves The Little Children'...you get the idea. Our 4 year old has learned this song at school he loves to sing so he started singing "I may never fight in the infantry, ride in the Calvary, shoot the artillery! I may never zoom over the enemy but I'm in the Lord's army!!!" Throughout all this she was singing along and would only scream occasionally but it definitely calmed her down. After about 20 minutes of singing I was tired and asked her big brother to sing to her. He starts singing 'Jesus Loves Me'. It was so sweet he was rubbing her head and just trying to soothe her. It's moments like that when you realize just how blessed you are to have these little children in your life. Despite all the stress and chaos they can cause it makes it all worth it in times like that.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Rough Night

So, last night before I head to bed I hear my daughter screaming at her door. She normally never wakes after we put her to bed. Well, I thought maybe she just had a bad dream or something and went to put her back to bed. It ended up she had messed in her diaper so I changed her and she continued screaming. Throughout me trying to soothe her my husband got up to see what all the commotion was about. Of course she wanted to go to daddy. She ended up staying up and screaming with stomach pain and diarrhea until about 3am, fell asleep until 4 and screamed in pain until about 4:30. It was crazy though because once she went to the bathroom and was all done she was fine, happy and laughing and back to her normal self. She didn't wake up anymore and slept until 9:30 (definitely not like her!). Today she seems fine and dandy (Thank goodness!!). Hopefully it was just something she ate and NOT a stomach bug. We've all been fighting sickness on and off for months now and I am surely not up for getting sick again! Praying tonight will be better and we'll all get a restful nights sleep.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Terrible Two!

So, my 2 year old has really been testing my patience lately. All the way home tonight she screamed in the car because she dropped her flip flop. Then we hand her one because we couldn't reach the other one and she throws it down and continues to scream. I don't mean cry or whine (which is annoying enough!) but SCREAM! Not to mention it's pouring down rain and I'm trying to drive and reprimand her at the same time. She has ZERO patience. My husband was making her popcorn and she was pitching a fit because it wasn't popping fast enough. This age is really putting a test to my nerves, some days I am so stressed I want to cry! She will act this way one day and the next day be as pleasant and sweet as can be. I have to remind myself God has given me this child to teach me something and obviously He doesn't think I've achieved that yet because we aren't making any progress! Haha! I know it gets easier because I rarely have to discipline my 4 year old, he's very well behaved and such a loving little boy I couldn't be more thankful for the ease this child brings us. But, in the meantime I guess I will still be learning the lesson God has to teach me.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Family Photos

So here are a few family photos we recently had taken. Our lovely 2 year old decided she didn't want to smile, so we (I) decided it would be a good idea to get some candy and bribe her. (A note to those thinking this is a good idea, this is a terrible idea and I would NOT recommend doing it!) Not to mention I wasn't thinking and bought her swedish fish so every time she ate her candy we had to wait because she had red gummies all in her teeth. Needless to say our family pictures didn't turn out as well as we'd hoped. We're going back for more around Easter and hopefully our little angel (HA!) will be more cooperative.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Just Bloggin'...

So, I'm sitting here writing on my new blog. I just hope I can do this and stick to it. I'm great at starting things but TERRIBLE at following through! I guess I should work on that! I am planning to use this as an outlet for me as well as a way to share my life with others. It's not that entertaining but it's still my life and I love it. Keep following along as I'll be posting more in the future! Thanks for visiting!